About Juan Jose

When I heard about Kambo I thought my friend was joking, but he was looking at me with such seriousness and I knew he cared about me deeply. I ended up researching Kambo and I decided to try it, I had been unemployed for a long time, I had lost my home, my marriage was desintegrating, I had been dealing with chronic depression for about 5 years and I had tried taking my life, nothing I did  helped. The morning I was trying Kambo for the first time, I received some bad news that shook me, I didn't want to be alive anymore, I felt such pain and emptiness in my heart that when I went to the Kambo practitioner and she explained to me that I might experience some pain and discomfort I told her: "Lady, if you could feel the pain I feel inside, I need pain, I need anything so that I don't feel what I am feeling right now" I was not afraid, I was ready, even to face death, I received Kambo and felt this heat overcoming me, my heart was pounding, when Kambo got to my head, I started to feel a bit of panic but I said to my self, "No, I drove 5 hours and spent all I have to get this done, I am here to heal" Once I made that decision in my mind, everything changed, I felt this shadow inside of me moving from my stomach all the way to my heart, I felt what the amazonian tribes called "Panema" emotional and energetic bloackages, I had a good purge, a lot of very thick bile, I laid down and I felt such relief, I rested for a few minutes then the practitioner provide me with Rapé snuff used by the amazonian tribes followed by Sananga, eye drops. I laid in her living room and I felt complete stillness of mind, I felt an intense sensation of well being and peace and my depression was gone!! I couldn't belive it, that whole day I felt full of energy and my mind was focused for the first time in a very long time, Kambo was a life changing experience for me, I felt such deep connection with it that I decided to become a Kambo practitioner and it has been an incredible rewarding experience hearing how benefitial Kambo is to people, I am grateful to mother nature for Kambo and we need to understand how important it is to save the amazonian rainforest and to protect the habitat of the frogs and tribes living in it.

I am a trained and certified Kambo Practitioner who has had the great privilege of studying with Master Practitioner Karen Kanya Darke of the International Association of Kambo Practitioners.  I am honored to be a facilitator of sacred Kambo.