Nothing but good news

There is a frog in South America

Whose venom is a cure

For all the suffering

That mankind must endure

More powerful than morphine

And soothing as the rain

A frog in South America

Has the antidote for pain

- Paul Simon

From his song:

Señorita with a Necklace of Tears

I heard about Kambo from a trusted friend, I decided to try it, I received the treatment and I was laying down feeling complete stillness of mind, an incredible sensation of peace I hadn't felt since childhood and no chronic depression which I had for many  years!

- Juan Jose   IAKP Kambo Practitioner   Learn about Me

Kambo is a thousand year old purification  practice from the native tribes of the Amazon rain forest, venom from the Phyllomedusa Bicolor Frog is collected and applied to human skin by removing the thin layer of skin with a burning stick and the venom is applied directly into the limphatic  system.  Kambo promotes physical, mental and spiritual strenght, the natives say it removes "Panema" negative and emotional energy.

Kambo  it's a powerful cleanse that serves as a gateway to access subconscious energetic and emotional blockages as well as being a powerful liver and celular detox cleanse promoting health and strengthening mind, spirit and immune system. Kambo also has powerful anti viral and antibacterial  properties.

The majority of people that take Kambo feel more calmed, energized and  pain free thanks to the bio peptides in the venom, Demorphin is 40 times stronger than morphin without the side effects and it has anti inflamatory properties leaving the body pain free for months.  Kambo  provides many benefits to the human body.

This amazing frog is found deep within the Amazon Jungle between Peru and Brazil, it has no natural predators because of it's venom. It's venemous secretion contains strong bio and neuro peptides that have healing effectsTo learn more about the chemistry and scientific research of the venom of the Phyllomedusa Bicolor  click here.

Kambo is described as transformational, wisdom and insight revealing, even metamorphic.

It's not  safe for the following people to take Kambo:

If you have serious heart problems

If you have had a Stroke

If you have had a Brain Hemmoreage

If you have had aneurism or blood clots

If you are taking immune supressants for organ transplants

If you are pregnant or maybe and breastfeeding an infant under 6 months of age

If you lack the mental capacity to make decisions about Kambo

If you have serious mental health issues (excluding PTSD,  Depression or Anxiety)

If you are taking medication for low blood pressure

If you are recovering from major surgery

If you are undergoing Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy (You'd need to wait 4 weeks)

If you have Addison's Disease

If you have current and severe Epilepsy